Heritage 4x4 and British Cars


Heritage 4 x 4 and British Cars BV is a company that is engaged in the rental of classic 4 x 4 vehicles with and without a driver for pleasure rides in the South Limburg landscape and the adjacent Belgian border area. Land Rovers and Austins from the years 1952 to 1980 are predominantly used. At a later stage, the intention is also to rent out British passenger cars.

We offer various tours through the Limburg landscape with one or more of our Land Rovers or with our Austin. These tours can only be booked with a Heritage 4×4 guide.

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Historical Rides


From Oldtimerhouse Limburg in Bunde we organize trips with the historic 4 x 4 vehicles through the landscape in the area. In general, the regular rides will take place around the weekends. We will also organize events around the cars that can end in, for example, a barbeque.

It is also the intention to do the same in the summer period from campsites in the Heuvelland and the Belgian border area.

Cars with a driver can also be rented on request in the numbers required for a smaller or larger group (weddings, galas, bachelor evenings, student groups, team building days, companies, etc.). Special arrangement for scouting groups.

It is also possible to drive on winter days with open and closed historic 4 x 4s.

Collection of historic cars


Heritage 4 x 4 and British Cars BV originates from Guy Houten's private collection of historic 4 x 4 and British cars. Guy enjoyed giving the collection a practical use. Drivers are often acquaintances of Guy from the scouting world in Limburg.